A special year for MobiCom: What’s in store for you.


So what’s not to miss and what’s exciting about MobiCom 2014? It is definitely going to be a special year, as we are celebrating its twentieth year of inception! (No pun intended – no illusions – Leonardo DiCaprio [sadly for his fans] does not run this show)

“We want MobiCom 2014 to be a platform where we celebrate our achievements, discuss how we can elevate ourselves even further, and also have some fun, too.” says the general chair, Sung-Ju Lee. And that is exactly what is in store for us.

First, there are a bunch of ways we will be celebrating MobiCom’s 20th year. Other than commitment to excellence in research, there will be more fun activities than usual, such as dancing to [Bollywood] music, contests and competitions, games, and last but not least, cake-eating. Before we get to the entertainment-related events, let’s shed some light on some other highlights and traditions of the conference.

MobiCom has traditionally had a good balance of fundamental, theoretic research and practical, systems research. Our community has generated National Academy of Engineering members, ACM Fellows, and other prestigious award winners, and also had technical transfers and start-ups, one of which had a high profile acquisition by a networking giant company. The technical program this year continues to emphasize such excellence.

The main conference starts on Monday, September 8 and ends on Wednesday, September 10. According to the Ashutosh Sabharwal, the Technical Program Co-Chair, the paper submissions and acceptance this year represent the current hot and burning topics. He says that “The community is moving in new and hot directions due to “market forces.”” He then continues, “That is why we have very diverse topical coverage and the highest number of accepted papers ever: 36.” Stay tuned to this blog for timely information on the hot topic discussions and sessions at MobiCom 2014.

MobiCom 2014 kicks off on Sunday, September 7, with four exciting, co-located workshops: CHANTSWinTech, the student-to-student workshop S3, and VLCS. This is the first of two workshop days, the second taking place on Thursday, September 11 with HotWireless, MobiArch, and SPME. To get further insight into the workshops at MobiCom this year, check out my other blog on “Workshops at MobiCom 2014: An insider’s look.

One highlight and unique event this year is the Start-up Pitch Contest, organized by the general chair, Sung-Ju Lee, who believes that lots of students, and some professors, are interested in entrepreneurship, they are full of cool ideas, but rarely get an opportunity to be mentored by people who have entrepreneurship experience. He gets the idea to recruit a team of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and entrepreneurs to give us the expert advice we need. To get more insight into this competition and read some words from the experts themselves, check out the blog on “How good is your startup idea?

The keynote speakers invited this year have also been selected based on their close ties to industry. “As a person who has been in the industry for 14 years,” Sung-Ju Lee says, “I feel that MobiCom could have a closer relationship with the industry. That is one of the reasons that all our keynote speakers have vast experience in productizing research ideas.” We have four excellent keynote speakers. For more on the keynote speakers and to read some words they have shared with us, take a look at my blog on “Keynote talks and some words with the speakers.

The panels this year have much to offer as well. One of the two panels has been uniquely set up to celebrate 20 years of MobiCom, inviting pioneers in our field to serve as members of the panel. We will all get the opportunity to learn from their success stories and wisdom. For insights on the panels, refer to our blog on “The Tale of Two Panels.

Last but not least, fun in the [Hawaiian] sun? We are bringing some of that to you too! There will be a Sandcastle Competition (yes, you read that right…) on the first day of the conference, Monday, September 8 at 3:15pm. Check out the MobiCom Facebook page for a link to the event, and sign up. There are many other fun games and events in store for us too! Do not miss out!

We hope that your experience at MobiCom this year will be special. Stay tuned!


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